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We provide comprehensive advice to help you achieve your financial goals

We offer a broad range of financial services

“Do it yourself” financial planning can be confusing.  Legislation, Taxation, Investments, Estate Planning and Product Research can be a nightmare.

At Empower Wealth Partners we keep things simple. We empower you to take control of your financial future and work with you to achieve your goals., Contact us to arrange a first meeting at no cost to you.

Managing your Finances

Winning LOTTO is not a financial plan!!

It can be tough to keep track of how much you’re spending week to week, and the impact that’s having on your overall financial position.

Having a simple “Save and Spend” philosophy is the secret to reaching your goals faster

We can help you:

  • calculate your cost of living
  • increase the amount you can save
  • identify areas where you can reduce costs
  • manage large expenses
  • Setup a budget to follow
  • Planning forward to help you meet future expenses

We can help you track your spending, making budgeting simple and effective.

Life Insurance

Many people think Life Insurance is complicated. But at its heart, it’s very simple.

Having adequate insurance in place means your family is protected should something happen to you.

Life Insurance is your children being able to stay in school; your family keeping their home; and your partner being able to live the life you’ve planned together.

The biggest asset a family has is the breadwinner’s ability to generate an income. Taking responsible steps to plan for the unexpected is a key step in managing your finances. We can help you:

  • Identify life events which could prevent you from reaching your financial goals
  • Identify the insurance you currently have
  • Calculate how much insurance you require
  • Help you decide which cover best suits you
  • Decide how to best structure the policies


“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” – Robert Kiyosaki

With proper planning, you can make your “Bucket List” real and live a comfortable retirement.

We can work with you to invest wisely and with a goals based approach we create portfolios designed to achieve the financial goals you set. In addition to your goals, we base your investments on:

  • your time frame for investing
  • the level of risk you’re comfortable with
  • your longer term goals
  • other financial obligations you have
  • the impact of inflation

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen”

A proper investment plan should not only address what investments your portfolio is comprised off, but also how to best structure the investment for tax purposes to help maximise your wealth over the long term.

Retirement Planning

Let It be your decision as to when you retire and how much you have to fund your well-earned break.

It is never too early to start preparing for your retirement. The earlier you begin, the higher the certainty of you achieving your goals.

At Empower Wealth Partners, we can help you to:

  • Find out how much you will need in retirement
  • We work with you to implement strategies to help get you there
  • Optimise social security payments where possible
  • Ensure that your superannuation portfolio is aligned with your retirement goals

Whether you have just started working, or you are looking to retire, we can work with you to make sure you are on the right path.

Estate Planning

If you cannot take it with you make sure it goes in accordance with your wishes make sure that your wealth is distributed in the way you want

The will is the first step in making sure your wealth is distributed to who you want, and in the most tax effective way possible. There are also other structures and issues that must be considered to make sure your estate pays as little tax as possible.

We can advise you on:

  • How to structure your estate to minimise tax
  • The need for trusts in wills (Testamentary Trust)
  • Whom to nominate as superannuation beneficiaries
  • The roles of power of attorney’s and whether they are relevant to you
  • Organise a discussion about what happens to your children and how they will be cared for

By having your financial affairs properly reviewed and structured you can rest assured that the process becomes easier for your family if anything should happen to you.